Let’s Talk Programmatic: Marketer Spotlight – Dr. Qiang Liu

Let’s Talk Programmatic: Marketer Spotlight – Dr. Qiang Liu Posted on November 6, 2014 in News with No Comments Dr. Qiang Liu is fascinated with the world of machine learning and its effects on the future of advertising. He’s an Assistant Professor of Management at Purdue’s Krannert School of Management and a researcher with a highly analytical background. Liu earned… Read More »

Using Netvizz to Collect Social Network Data from Facebook

Using netvizz app, one can collect data for the following networks: (1) Your own personal network (2) A bipartite network  from your friends and their likes (both users and liked objects are nodes) (3) Groups: friendship connections (API limits for group data are changing regularly, current version should be able to get up to 5000 group… Read More »

Using NodeXL and Gephi to Analyze a Twitter Search Network

Visulization of social network data has provided an interesting approach to understand the diffusion of consumer information among customer network. In the following, I provide a step by step instruction of collecting and visualizing Nicke’ s famous hash tag: justdoit.   I first use NodeXL to collect all recent tweets that contains the hash tag of… Read More »